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High standard rooms

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2 adults + 2 children


Decorated with the colour of passion and revolution. Perhaps the most representative colour for the city of Nafplio. Classical and sentimental aesthetic, red creates a feeling full of intensity, revolution and romance.

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2 adults + 1 child


The colour of nature and peace is usually confronted in the streets of Naplio. This room is decorated with the colour that represents the unity of earth and sky. Modern aesthetic with classical feeling, green conveys the sentiment of hope and energy.

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2 adults


The sea is a central point of reference for the city of Nafplio, so this room was decorated in the colour of the sea. Deep and imaginative, the blue colour refers to the feeling of infinity, offering the notion of comfort and cleanliness while creating a simple but luxurious environment.

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2 adults + 3 children


Historically, Nafplio relates to the forming of ideologies and the realisation of big ideas. Purple is the colour of idealism and self sacrifice. At the same time it manages to convey the feeling of tranquillity and relaxation. This room intends to convey the notion of familiarity in luxurious style.

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2 adults

Loft Room

The most private room of our hotel, decorated in romantic mood, in shapes of petrol and beige provides unique warmth in the beautiful loft of the neoclassical building. It features a furnished balcony with amazing view of the historic castle of Nafplio Palamidi.

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All of our rooms include the following list of amenities.

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  • Air condition
  • Mini Bar
  • Digital television
  • Electronic Safe box
  • Electronic locks

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  • Direct dial phone
  • Free Wifi internet access
  • Baby cot on demand

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  • Ηair dryer in bathroom
  • Bath
  • Carpets
  • Cosmetics
  • Bathrobes

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